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Why I Hate Super Bowl XLVI (a.k.a Yes, I'm Still Bitter)

In case you didn't know/didn't care, the New England Patriots and New York Giants square off in the Super Bowl this Sunday. The last two weeks of coverage have been interminable in spite of the fact that I have actually watched very little of it. The only time I've seen ESPN or NFL Network coverage this week has been when I walked by a TV somewhere other than in my apartment.

I do have Tweetdeck, which has me seeing tweets from various NFL folks in Indianapolis this week and it is driving me just a little bit crazy. Whether it is @richeisen discussion NFL Network programming or @jasonlacanfora and @adamschefter telling me how great it is in Indy, I can't handle much more of it.

Throw in people like Trent Dilfer proclaiming how great a QB Eli Manning was two weeks ago when in fact he barely survived the 49ers defensive onslaught, and I'm running out of sanity for this crap. I realize people will make their arguments about this or that related to that game, but for this post, consider it a chance to homer it up all you want.

Consider this post a venting and generally bitching thread more than anything else. I don't do a lot of this, but sometimes it is the best medicine. Speaking of which, site decorum is off for this thread so feel free to unload.

Yes indeed, I am still bitter heading into this weekend. I have generally tried to not think too much about the NFC Championship Game these last two weeks. I've been posting about everything but that game in part because the sting is still there, and will remain there for some time. Tre9er had a great post that hit on the tough part of getting so close.

I've got to think these last two weeks are tougher for the conference runner-ups because of how close they were. And this year, with the way both games went down, it's a tough stretch for the Harbaugh family. So, yes, it makes me bitter. Not towards the 49ers because they gave me so much joy this season. Rather, it's sort of a rally around the flag screw you to the rest of the world.

I do actually plan on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, in part because I am heading over to a friend's place for a Super Bowl party. He's a 49ers fan as well so we can commiserate to a certain extent over quality eats and a whole lot of alcohol. However, it will be an interesting experience watching the Super Bowl considering how close the 49ers got.

The 49ers loss means we have had the last two weeks to hear about Eli and Brady and every nuanced detail of this game and I just can't stand it. I have found myself avoiding a lot of places online I normally read, or at least skimming them at best. Normally I read over all of Bill Simmons' stuff, and I did for his NBA coverage earlier in the week. However, he had his final NFL mailbag-style column of the season and there was just way too much Patriots-Giants. I knew that going in and found myself reading first sentences of paragraphs and not much else.

We are officially at the woulda-coulda-shoulda stage of things. I still find myself trying to avoid that kind of thing in part because it only drives me crazier. That might be one reason I have not gone back to re-watch 49ers-Giants. I've got to think when I'm watching, every little missed opportunity will immediately strike me. I just don't need that right now.

Once Tuesday hits, this will thankfully all be over to a certain extent. Monday will be all about the Super Bowl across much of the Internet, but once Tuesday hits, things begin to quiet down as we look ahead to the NFL Combine at the end of the month and free agency in March. The NFL has developed into a 10-11 month long calendar and the turnover into the new season starts fairly quickly. Thank God!

We're only a couple days away from getting past a painful Super Bowl and getting ready for what will hopefully be an exciting 2012 for the 49ers. We will have an open thread for the Super Bowl for folks that are around, but for now, feel free to vent in here. No personal attacks (as usual), but if you just need a place to scream, go to town. This isn't a place for rational arguments and logic (although you're welcome to include them). This is a place for fans to unload their bitterness.