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Super Bowl 2012 TV Schedule: NBC To Provide Free Live Online Stream

The NFL has generally been a tough nut to crack when it comes to finding live online streams of their product. Most regular season games are only available on television unless you have DirecTV and can access the Sunday Ticket through certain Tablets, or you go through illegal means. has done an excellent job in recent years when it comes to streaming games. Sunday Night Football is usually streamed online and for the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be streamed online for all to see. In tomorrow's game stream, please do not ask for or post illegal streams for the game. There will be a link to and if people miss that you can post it again.

The NFL has been a pain when it comes to getting streaming content, but hopefully will work towards more available video. The folks at Popular Mechanics put together an interesting article describing why NFL action is not frequently seen on legal streams.

Streaming content online that is also available on broadcast television leads to significantly reduced advertising revenue is a very logical reason for that. NBC is airing the Super Bowl online in part because they figure most people are already watching the game on television and will use the online stream more for extra angles. The online version will provide extra angles for the game, as well as the opportunity to re-watch the commercials after they have aired.

On a side note, you will also have the opportunity to watch the game on your mobile device if you have Verizon Wireless.