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Puppy Bowl 2012: Who Needs Football?!

In what remains one of the more original Super Bowl Sunday ideas, Puppy Bowl returns for the eighth straight year on Animal Planet. Puppy Bowl VIII kicks off at 3pm ET/Noon pacific on Animal Planet (channel 51/751 in San Francisco) and will feature two hours of puppies romping around having a good time. The show features puppies from shelters and provides information on how viewers can adopt rescued puppies and help their local shelter.

I bring this up in part because a reader passed along a great YouTube video in which the Wall Street Journal Studio takes a look at the Puppy Bowl. I've posted some video after the jump if you feel inclined to learn more about this evening.

The game will feature a kitty halftime show, commentary on the action in the miniature stadium, and apparently even a bird sending out tweets. Will the insanity ever stop? We'll be back in just a bit with an open thread for Super Bowl XLVI.

Wall Street Journal On Puppy Bowl