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Super Bowl XLVI Results: Entertaining End, 49ers Would've Won This One

Anything involving the 49ers and Super Bowl XLVI is completely woulda/coulda/shoulda, but that's not going to stop me from pointing out that I think the 49ers would've beaten these Patriots. Such is the life of non-Super Bowl teams. It will stick in our craw for a while longer, but the first real step towards moving is now at hand. The close of the Super Bowl means we can look ahead to next season.

The game itself was intriguing at the end. The most exciting moments for me were of course the final few drives, but also seeing Kelly Clarkson come in just under 1:34 on the anthem and seeing a shot of Giselle to hit the over on 1/2 times she'd be seen. Gambling certainly can be good!

The Montana/Brady comparisons can officially take a back seat. Congratulations to Eli Manning on a solid performance and coming through in the clutch again. He did benefit from another great catch, this time from Mario Manningham down the sideline. Of course, Eli dropped that ball in just about perfectly for Manningham to make the catch, so he deserves some credit. While I would have preferred the 49ers be in the game, at least we got some entertainment at the end.

All that matters now is that the road to Super Bowl XLVII begins now. Everybody is 0-0 once again and the 49ers get to start climbing the mountain to Lombardi glory. The loss still stings, but this was the first significant step towards moving forward. It only gets better from here!