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Golden Nuggets: So That Happened

So, did all of you enjoy the Super Bowl? Me neither. On one hand, our 49ers weren't in it, and on the other, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that the Giants were going to win. I got $100 out of it, so that's cool, but even when they trailed, I knew they were going to win. Well, I didn't know BUT I had a good feeling, and that's as close to knowing as I need! In other news, that halftime show was somewhere between insanely boring, incredibly awkward and just bad all around. It was one of the worst in recent memory. Let's get to some linkage, though there's not much today. Enjoy.

Yep, the 49ers would have crushed the Patriots (

Super Bowl teams could be 49ers' prime-time competition (

Not much consolation in losing to eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants (

Lessons 49ers can learn from Super Bowl teams (

Smith accepts Harbaugh's award (

49ers review: Tight ends (

Being a Sheep

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