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2013 Super Bowl Odds: The Road To Super Bowl XLVII Begins Now

Fooch's Note: Bovada sent out updated odds. I've posted them after the jump. The 49ers are at 18/1

Super Bowl XLVI is officially in our rear view mirror, which means we can start to look ahead to next year's Super Bowl. Naturally odds are starting to come out for next year's Super Bowl. The Las Vegas Hilton and other sports books in Las Vegas actually started releasing odds a couple weeks ago even as the playoffs were still happening.

I'll post further updated odds when they come out at some point today, but for now, the 49ers opened at 20-1. They had similar odds as the Giants, Cowboys, Falcons, Jets and Lions. These odds came out shortly after the Packers were defeated by the Giants and they still have the Packers sitting as 5-1 favorites, with the Saints and Patriots right behind them. I'd imagine the Giants will got a bit of a bump following their win last night.

For the 49ers, they were close to the mountaintop, but as Tre put it, they're back down at base camp ready to get started again. A year ago, the 49ers opened as 40/1 to win the Super Bowl. By the time the season started, they had climbed to 60/1 thanks to the lockout. By the time this year's playoffs began, the 49ers were sitting at 11/1.

This year, the 49ers have the benefit of an entire offseason for the coaches and players to work together. Free agents will be brought in months before the season starts and have time to get fully acclimated. Every team will have that benefit, but I'm plenty happy just considering what a full offseason of Jim Harbaugh means for this team. Add in a chance to add some more talent in free agency and the draft and I think we see these odds coming down as the season approaches and gets going. Five weeks until free agency, 2 1/2 months until the draft, less than six months until the start of training camp. Good times!


Green Bay Packers 6/1

New England Patriots 7/1

New Orleans Saints 8/1

Philadelphia Eagles 12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1

Houston Texans 12/1

Baltimore Ravens 14/1

New York Giants 15/1

San Diego Chargers 16/1

New York Jets 16/1

San Francisco 49ers 18/1

Dallas Cowboys 18/1

Detroit Lions 18/1

Atlanta Falcons 22/1

Chicago Bears 30/1

Arizona Cardinals 30/1

Miami Dolphins 35/1

Cincinnati Bengals 40/1

Indianapolis Colts 50/1

Tennessee Titans 40/1

Oakland Raiders 50/1

Carolina Panthers 50/1

Denver Broncos 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs 50/1

Seattle Seahawks 60/1

Buffalo Bills 60/1

Washington Redskins 60/1

Minnesota Vikings 75/1

St. Louis Rams 75/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 75/1

Cleveland Browns 100/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1