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Back in the Saddle: It Could Have Been Us

So I reluctantly ended up watching that football game last night, however un-entertaining it was. I found myself actually going to the bathroom during the I wouldn't miss any of the commercials.

It wasn't you say...good, no? Whatever your opinion of the game may have been, I came away with one dominant feeling: We could have easily been hoisting that Lombardy trophy last night.

It could have been us, the San Francisco 49ers, grinding out a victory over an off-beat Patriots team.

Most of you know I remain convinced that the 49ers should have won the game against the Giants. I know, they didn't. It's about high time I get over that, I s'pose. Still, I think we could have played that game last night and come out on top.

So enough of that. Let's hit the "Reset" button on this thing and get cracking on the off-season. Free agency is coming up, the draft preparations are going full-steam, and there's a lot to talk about. After this year I can't deny I want more next year. I know the schedule looks brutal, but damn-it, we looked like a good team this year at times and if we don't get better yet, it'll be a disappointment.

Time to get to work. The next season has officially begun. The Super Bowl season for the San Francisco 49ers.