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Moving Forward: The 49ers Are Now

It's Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 and today is a blue day anyway you look at it. It's two days after the Super Bowl, and everyone around me seems to be either feeling blue because their Patriots lost or wearing blue because their Giants won. I'm pretty angry, so I guess that makes me red, which makes sense because as much as the NFL and FOX NBC wanted me to be into that circus on Sunday, I just wasn't. I still don't believe the Giants are the better team. They certainly don't come to mind when discussing the league's best teams.

And on top of that, the Patriots just looked shorthanded out there against a team I already didn't feel deserved to be there. They put on a piss poor performance during the 2011-12 regular season, finishing with a 9-7 record, barely topping .500. They got beat by teams like the Eagles, the Seahawks and the Redskins twice. Not to mention, they got beat by the three powerhouses representing the NFC this year in The Packers, Saints and 49ers. So, do I feel the best team won? No. Do I feel the NFC is well represented? Eh..not since I believe they are the third or fourth best team in the NFC.

It drives me nuts that the 49ers could have the miraculous season they had, taking every game like it's their last, and finishing with a 13-3 record, a first round bye and numerous NFL and team records, and it it's trumped by the team who was mostly absent. It's like when the slacker in school gets better grades than you, and you studied your tail off. This was a weird season for a lot of reasons, so I'm just going to chalk this Super Bowl up to that. Let's see how things differ next year with a full offseason in place.

Because I know that if I'm feeling this way, there are 53 guys in San Francisco that are equally as furious. And they also have a wise leader to channel that fury into a supreme performance on the field. The 2012 season starts now for me. I expect more Peyton Manning news to come soon, probably about his release and followed by that will be a slew of offseason rumors and news. Soon enough, free agency will begin and then we'll have the NFL Draft the following month in April. It's time to start getting better so we can compensate for our own mistakes and the luck that comes with the game.

I can't wait for the talks to start heating up. I anticipate Carlos Rogers and Alex Smith will be the first 49ers with expired contracts that are dealt with. The wide receiver situation will be interesting since Michael Crabtree and Kyle Williams are the only ones currently under contract for next year. With that in mind, Josh Morgan and Ted Ginn Jr. are notables that will need to be dealt with. If the 49ers go a different direction with one of them, it may be with Ginn who's only use is as a return man. We're also going to find out if the 49ers will need another outside linebacker and/or guard with the expired contracts of Ahmad Brooks and Adam Snyder.

Just counting the seconds until then.

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