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Golden Nuggets: Well This Sucks, When's The Combine?

I spent yesterday getting my new music site ready and, of course, they started working on the internet I'm using about an hour or so before the Golden Nuggets were supposed to go up. Rather than wait and give you good folks some delicious linkage, I decided to just, you know, go to sleep. Of course you missed me an awful lot and I won't let it happen again, but what can I say? It's the offseason.

Ya'll will get over it. In other news, we had the folks from our Giants blog whining about somebody here who was whining and that made other people whine about our whining about their whining about ours. So that was interesting. Anyway, I'm gonna get to my linkage and link to my new music site real quick (it will be the only time I do this unless I write something that somehow is pertinent to football) because I'm soliciting as much feedback as possible. And onto the links.

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49ers add Tracy Smith as new special teams assistant coach (

Team facility morphs into construction zone, minus 'Mt. Pain' (

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Being a Sheep

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