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Golden Nuggets: FanPosts Have Not In Fact Gone Away

Yesterday morning, some folks noticed that the recent FanPosts had disappeared from the right column of the page, leaving only the recommended FanPosts. They have not in fact been deleted forever. Rather, the FanPosts were pulled down due to some site issues that were affecting the network. They may very well be back up by the time these Nuggets post, but if not, there is another way to check out all the FanPosts. We have a FanPost Archive where you can sort them by recently posted, recently active with comments, and a variety of most popular based on Recs.

Speaking of archives, since we have a decent number of new readers in recent months, if you were not aware of it, you can check out the entire story archive for Niners Nation. You can check the recent stories we've posted, or even head all the way back to our start back in 2006. Comments close after a month, but it is still amusing to read some of this stuff at times.

And thus concludes NN 101 for today. If you ever have questions about how the site operates (or anything for that matter), feel free to email me. On to the links....

Colin Kaepernick starts over Alex Smith in 2012: How realistic is that? (Sam Lam)

Alex Smith will call the shots (Barrows)

49ers' McDonald arrested in Sunnyvale (Barrows)

Harbaugh: Unanimous within 49ers that Smith is 'our guy' (Maiocco)

‘Smithbaugh’ isn’t exactly ‘Beniffer’ or ‘Brangelina’ but that union is ready to tackle Pebble Beach (Mercury News)

Why Eddie DeBartolo Jr. didn’t get voted into the Hall of Fame (Press Democrat)

49ers review: Quarterbacks (Maiocco)

McDonald arrested early Wednesday for outstanding warrant (Mercury News)

Morning Tailgate: Feb. 8 (

Photo Blog: 49ers-Giants Charity Shootout (

Niners QB Kaepernick: '(I) plan on trying to take the starting job' (

Harbaugh's QB assessment not in line with Kaepernick (

2012 NFC West draft primer, Take One (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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