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49ers 2012 NFL Draft: Is There A Trade Trigger To Be Pulled?

The San Francisco 49ers find themselves sitting at the bottom of the first round thanks to a spirited run to the NFC Championship Game. The 30th pick will have plenty of talented football players, but it remains to be seen whether or not that talent will match what the 49ers need at this point. Potentially more importantly, the talent might match what somebody at the top of the second round is looking for, and thus would be willing to deal.

Discussing trades of the 30th pick borders a little bit on the ludicrous when we have even gotten to free agency, or even the NFL Combine. Of course, ludicrous is our business to a certain extent. However, even with only a limited amount of information in front of us, I have to think some folks already have ideas on what they would like to do with that pick when it comes to a possible trade.

Some folks are aggressive and look at this first round as a chance to find a big-time playmaker in some form or fashion higher in the first round. They are ready to unload some picks and make a move to get a player who can make a big impact right off the bat.

Other folks look at this draft and fully expect the 49ers needed talent to not be available at that pick. They are ready to move back and pile up some picks. The 49ers are not expected to have any compensatory picks, so adding two or three picks might not be the worst idea in the world.

And of course, there are people like me who really aren't sure what they would do at this early juncture. I'd imagine a lot of people fit in this category.

Where do you see yourself when it comes to potentially dealing this draft pick? On draft day the pick could gain some more value depending on who slides, but going in it is not a pick where people unload a ton of picks to move too far up. Are you ready to unload this pick yet, or do you still find yourself sitting and wondering?