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Ray McDonald Situation Appears Just About Cleared Up

A few days after getting arrested on an outstanding warrant, it appears the Ray McDonald situation is more or less resolved, at least according to some reports. The warrant was issued on August 9 when the court's determined McDonald had not submitted the needed proof that he had attended a mandatory first offender DUI class following his 2010 arrest for suspicion of DUI. The warrant came up when the police pulled over McDonald during a routine traffic stop early Wednesday morning.

Well, it would appear to be a paperwork snafu on the part of the DA and/or police. McDonald spoke with Matt Maiocco and told him that he had fulfilled the necessary requirements after his DUI charge and properly filed the paperwork. After his arrest, this was sorted out at the police station and he was subsequently released.

Barring any new details, that would seem to have resolved what initially appeared to be a sticky situation. After Aldon Smith's arrest, a second arrest had folks scratching their heads. Thankfully, it would appear that all is well for Ray McDonald.