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49ers and Randy Moss Reach 1-Year Agreement

And in breaking news, Randy Moss has come to terms with the San Francisco 49ers on a one-year deal. Moss will be suiting up in 2012, but whether he will wear #84 or #81 is still a mystery. I believe that Jim Harbaugh only would have made this move if Moss looked good, which we knew he would, and if the interview went swimmingly, which apparently it did.

Moss has been called a 'cancer' amongst many other things, but the deal structured for Moss is likely going to be a no-nonsense deal. The future Hall of Fame receiver is likely going to sign an incentive laden deal just to show he can play again. Moss is no doubt going to be the deep threat the 49ers have been looking for, but they could look to fix the position long-term in the draft come April.

With Moss on the team, this furthers the argument that Stephen Hill would be a terrific choice for the 49ers, given their similar build and game experience Moss could impart on the rookie. The player that should be most excited about this is Vernon Davis who usually commands the attention of the safeties, but not anymore.

The combination of Moss and Davis is going to be a total nightmare and with the creativity from the offensive coaches, it might be unstoppable. Michael Crabtree is also someone that could benefit greatly because a lot of pressure will be taken off his shoulders and he could get comfortable at the second receiver spot where most feel his skills are better suited for.

And the run game will not be stacked up against with weapons like that on the outside. Right off the top of my head, there isn't a cornerback in the NFC West that can cover Moss one on one. He will tear them to shreds. He still has great speed, and with the ability to play for a contender, I believe Moss will be in line. He clearly learned last year that teams have no problem cutting him mid-season.

For his best interest, and the best interest of the team, Moss will hopefully be the great receiver we all like to remember.

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