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2012 NFL Free Agents: 49ers Add Perrish Cox, According To Reports

Although NFL Free Agency does not begin for two more hours, the 49ers are keeping busy with previously released players. A day after signing wide receiver Randy Moss to a one year contract, the 49ers have reportedly agreed to terms on a two year deal with former Broncos defensive back Perrish Cox (49ers have confirmed the deal).

The 2010 fifth round pick sat out the 2011 season after being released at the end of Broncos training camp. He was solid enough as a rookie and many assume the release had as much to do with legal troubles. He was involved in a sexual assault case, of which he was acquitted.

I got some quick thoughts from John Bena of Mile High Report:

High Risk, High Reward type player. His talent is unquestioned, but his draft stock slipped because of off-field issues. When he started playing with the Broncos it looked like Denver got a steal. Then he was arrested for allegedly raping a woman that was incoherent. He was found not-guilty of sexual assault, but the details are the case are extremely disturbing. You can read the police report out there and it is sickening.

In the end, he was innocent and free to move on. If he keeps his nose clean he definitely has the talent. His past history, however, says he'll likely run into problems, and I'm sure the Niners have protected themselves just in case...