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49ers Right Guard Position: Should Robert Gallery Be An Option?

The field of available offensive guards increased by one this evening as the Seattle Seahawks released Robert Gallery. The former Oakland Raiders first round pick signed a three year, $15 million contract with the Seahawks following the NFL lockout. He struggled with a groin injury early in the season before playing in nine of the remaining eleven Seahawks games. The Seahawks had Steve Hutchinson in for a chat today and it is possible they are ready to replace Gallery with Hutchinson in 2012.

49ers guard Adam Snyder signed a five year contract with the Arizona Cardinals and Chilo Rachal is expected to be allowed to walk, leaving the 49ers with Daniel Kilgore and Mike Person as possible guards. Neither had a chance to show much during the regular season and it remains to be seen if the 49ers are prepared to move a guy like Kilgore into the starting lineup in August.

Bringing in a guy like Robert Gallery joins the likes of Leonard Davis as a possible short term solution for the 49ers. Gallery never met his potential as a highly drafted offensive tackle, but upon being moved inside he has developed into a very solid, if somewhat injury-prone guard. That might give some folks the idea of moving Anthony Davis inside, but for now, let's assume the 49ers are content with Davis' development curve at right tackle. Making a run at Robert Gallery or Leonard Davis makes a lot of short term sense for the 49ers.