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49ers One Of The Finalists For ... Peyton Manning!?

So I had a post scheduled to go up in less than an hour titled "49ers Have Gone Past The Point Of Being Able To Move On From Alex Smith," or something close to that. In that, I talk about how the 49ers missed the early wide receiver boom and now can't fall back on Colin Kaepernick, or more accurately, can't proceed without Alex Smith and expect to have a functioning offense.

Apparently, I'm a damn fool (don't pity me) and I have no clue what I'm talking about under any circumstances. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that the 49ers have emerged in the race for Peyton Manning. This is lunacy.

This morning, I said that this whole Manning episode needed some Brett Favre - sick of the coverage. Now it's like, all up in our grill and stuff. I don't really know how to respond to any of this, but there are some other details. It looks like the 49ers may be one of three finalists for Manning, with the Titans and Broncos, and it looks like Jim Harbaugh himself flew out to watch Manning throw in Durham.

One has to wonder if this is why Alex Smith hasn't signed yet or if this is a result of Alex Smith not having signed yet. It's hard to imagine the 49ers reacting to not having Smith under contract by going after Peyton Manning, but what the hell do I know? We'll have more as it develops. Go crazy, all of you. Tre is.