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Alex Smith Returning From Miami Without Contract, According To NFL Network

A couple posts ago, I noticed a comment from NinerFanTuscon in which he said NFL Network reported that Alex Smith is on his way back to the Bay Area without a contract with the Miami Dolphins. Smith flew to Miami early yesterday morning for a meeting and then had his agent Tom Condon fly in for a round of negotiations earlier today. Chris Mortensen indicated on ESPN that Smith really liked Miami and the 49ers might conceivably be prepared to move on without him.

What does it all mean? Next to nothing. The fact that he has left Miami without a contract signed doesn't guarantee anything. As we saw when Mario Manningham left San Francisco without a deal and subsequently returned and signed, it is entirely possible a deal could still get done. Alex Smith will return to the Bay Area and likely re-start discussions with the 49ers. It remains to be seen whether the 49ers will add anything to the deal, or whether Alex will even make any additional demands.

Instead, we once again will sit and wait to see what the next step in this process. Smith flew to Miami after the Peyton Manning discussions heated over the weekend and was prepared to fly to Seattle after that, until the Seahawks came to terms with Matt Flynn. Some of the reports have indicated hurt feelings for Smith (hard to believe at times given what he has been through), while others indicate he really does not want to leave California. It seems like everybody is throwing all sorts of reasons for why Smith will return and why he will leave. At this point, it seems simply to say that everybody is spit-balling because nobody can really say anything for sure.