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San Francisco 49ers Moving Forward After Peyton Manning Decision

A lot of 49ers fans were a little frustrated this morning, including myself. Many NFL commentators like Chris Mortensen, Steve Young and even Deion Sanders brought up the immense talent already in the Bay Area, and were more or less dumbfounded by Peyton Manning's decision. But from the get-go, I didn't believe the 49ers would go after Manning unprotected.

They knew the implications if they missed on Manning, and those presumable consequences have become reality. Alex Smith is the next quarterback to make his choice of teams, as he decides between a rebuilding process with the Miami Dolphins or swallowing his pride and returning to the 49ers.

Smith has to know that his best option to perform well individually and have success as a team is in San Francisco. In that respect, Miami isn't even close to the 49ers. Smith had a breakout season with Jim Harbaugh but now feels like his efforts didn't matter after the season came to a close. Smith needs to understand this is a business, and emotion needs to be taken out of it. Take a look at Drew Brees' situation right now with the Saints.

With that said, the best business decision for Smith would be to sign the deal that is currently on the table and play well enough to earn that payday he so desires.

Manning going to the Broncos also might've been a blessing in disguise as the 49ers still have needs elsewhere and hardly enough cap to situate it all. The 49ers desperately need a right guard that can come in and start from day one, and I believe Geoff Schwartz, the former Carolina Panther and longtime 49er fan will ink a deal with San Francisco. The 49ers also could still use some wide receivers, which I believe will get settled in April.

The 49ers also need to take care of their draft picks and just completely kill the draft again like they did last year. The 49ers will add more 'gold star' guys this month and especially next. San Francisco can get back to their regular way of doing things. They reportedly held a impromptu pro day for players to come in and work out for them, and will look to get depth.

I fully trust the 49ers organization as long as it's run by Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke, so Manning or no Manning, San Francisco will be fine.

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