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Caption This: Draft Combine

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

The NFL Pre-Draft Combine is a goldmine, and we all enjoy it for different reasons. Scouts and GMs enjoy having the opportunity to see many of the most interesting college players in person, whether working out on the field or showing off their interview skills behind the scenes. Fans enjoy being able to track the prospects of their favorite young players, and being able to watch unfettered athleticism on display for no reason better than displaying unfettered athleticism.

Me, I like CombineFace. And believe me, there is no shortage of CombineFace. None.

Today's Caption This: CombineFace of choice is defensive lineman Cameron Johnson. In this photo, is defensive lineman Cameron Johnson A) Running Drills, B) Doing a Little Dance, C) Breaking Wind*, or D) All of the Above?

Because I can't figure it out. Probably C, though. Or maybe a Post-C B. I sometimes do that, too....

Anyhoo, have fun with this one. Cameron Johnson needs captions, and you're the only ones who can give them to him. If you see a caption idea that makes you laugh, give it a rec. bignerd won the last Caption This handily. Will it be you?

*Yes, I used the Britishism as LondonNiner bait.