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Alex Smith Contract Details: $16.5 Million In Guarantees According To Reports

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We have not seen a ton of details on a potential Alex Smith contract, but the AP is reporting some potential numbers. According to Janie McCauley, the new three year deal reportedly includes $16.5 million in guarantees and incentives that could get it up to $33 million.

We'll find out more about the various details in the coming days and weeks, but if the $16.5M figure is correct, the 49ers went above and beyond the $10 million that was reported last week. It would seem to be a bit of a make-good addition given the events of the last week. He was a free agent so what we saw should surprise nobody, but the team would appear to be looking for a way to smooth over the rough patch.

There is no word on whether the base pre-incentives deal is still $24 million, but whatever the incentives, I'd imagine postseason appearances will be a key part of it. Alex Smith received a bonus last year when the team went to the postseason, and it makes sense to include more this year.

If you are looking for some musings on possible breakdown of the contract, Tre9er took a shot at breaking down some possible numbers. He makes a good point about a possibly guaranteed year two salary with a voidable year three. At the very least the last year of the three year deal will include an easy out for the 49ers.