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49ers Mock Draft Database 2012: Enter Stephen Hill

I went in an updated our 2012 Niners Nation Mock Draft Database last night and was able to get some post-Combine mocks added. In the least surprising news since the sun coming up this morning, Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill climbed into some mocks. He is now projected to the 49ers in five of our mock drafts, one behind Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu.

It should surprise nobody that wide receiver remains the top position projected to the 49ers with 16 mocks going in that direction. That is up one from last week. South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery went from six appearances to only one. Some have him rising, some have him falling. Mock drafts provide great fodder for discussion, but are not the most valuable of predictive tools given their reactive nature. They have only a limited amount of information at their disposal, so this is not surprising, but something to consider nonetheless.

The winner of most random pick belongs to Draft Tek, which projected Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen to the 49ers. That's not to say this is shocking, because Allen could very well move past Coby Fleener on the tight end positional rankings. Nonetheless, it is a step out there compared to what we normally see. Fleener did appear in three other mocks for the 49ers.

At this point, as I look through the various prospects and the positions of need, I would not be shocked if the 49ers decided to trade down from pick number 30. We don't know what the 49ers board looks like, so I could be way off base, but call it a gut feeling. Of course, one little slip could give the 49ers the player they want at No. 30. Having such a late pick provides a lot of different opportunities, but also makes it hard to really zero in on anybody.