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2012 NFL Free Agency: Previewing the Chicago Bears

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Here we go, folks. This is the last Free Agency Preview in our 13 part series, "Better Know an Opponent." But do not despair. Nay, for the nascent offseason still allows us to exhaustively examine our upcoming opponents. Yes, our quest to know our upcoming opponents is in its incipient state. After major Free Agency moves have been made, we will review how certain teams addressed their needs and look forward to the draft.

Without further ado, however, let's look at the Chicago Bears.

The Bears were a team I thought would be successful last season, probably beating out the Lions for a wildcard spot, or maybe the Falcons. And, in that alternative universe in which Jay Cutler and Matt Forte didn't get injured, I think they did.

Speaking of Forte, dude was an Unrestricted Free Agent, but the Bears just Franchised him. Probably not a shabby move on their part.

In terms of needs, though, the major one which comes to mind immediately is the O-Line. I think Cutler developed a bit of the Shaken Carr Syndrome behind that line, and his last couple of injuries can be directly linked to how many sacks the man took. Just way too many.

Offensively, the Bears are probably going to want to add another WR too. While Mike Martz is not the perfect coach, I think he was largely doomed by the fact that his high-flying offense could not find a home in Chicago because of the lack of WRs.

Chicago's defense is pretty solid. It ain't the days of Mike Singletary (I mean, what defense is?) but they have a totally solid foundation. They probably lack the shutdown corner, which could potentially elevate them to elite defense status. They might want to look for an upgrade at the Linebacker position too.

Restricted Free Agents: RB Kahlil Bell.

Unrestricted Free Agents: QB Caleb Hanie, QB Josh McCown, WR Roy Williams, TE Kellen Davis, DE Israel Idonije, DT Amobi Okoye, CB Zack Bowman, CB Corey Graham, CB Tim Jennings, S Brandon Meriweather, S Craig Steltz, LS Chris Massey.