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49ers Tender Larry Grant At Seventh Round Level

Matt Maiocco is reporting that the 49ers have placed an original round tender on restricted free agent Larry Grant. Since Grant was originally drafted in the seventh round, if he were to sign an offer sheet somewhere else and the 49ers elected not to match, they would receive a seventh round pick in return. If Grant does not sign an offer sheet with anybody, he would be able to return to the 49ers for a one year deal worth $1.26 million. The 49ers could have tendered him as a second round tender at a salary of $1.92 million.

This would seem to indicate the 49ers are ready to move on from Larry Grant. He was a force in special teams and provided solid work in place of an injured Patrick Willis, but it would appear the 49ers thought the extra $660,000 is not worth it in the context of the team's cap space and what he brings to the table. Or they are convinced he will not sign an offer sheet and thus return at the $1.26M price.

Assuming Grant walks, the 49ers will be looking to free agency and/or the draft for some ILB depth. Tavares Gooden and Blake Costanzo were previously available for depth but never really saw more than special teams play. If the 49ers wait for the draft to find another backup ILB, they're all but certain to get somebody at a lower price than Grant.