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2012 NFL Mock Draft Database: Nick Perry Enters The Picture

The close of another weekend means it is time for a look at our updated 49ers mock draft database. There was little change at the top as Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill remain the top guys on the board at this point. The 49ers have enough question marks on offense that adding a skill position player with significant upside makes a lot of sense. The 49ers do have a lot of skill position players on the roster, but their long term options remain fairly limited.

The big addition this week is USC defensive end and potential NFL outside linebacker Nick Perry. The junior turned pro after a season in which he led the Trojans with 9.5 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss and three forced fumbles. His primary strength is as a pass rusher, but he seems to have the athleticism to develop other necessary outside linebacker skills. He could end up going to a 4-3 team to bulk up as a defensive end, but 3-4 outside linebacker is just as realistic an option.

The 49ers outside linebacker position has some depth in the form of Parys Haralson. However, last year's unit remained incredibly healthy, which is not something that can be relied on every year. They may be content with just three OLBs, but it seems a bit risky to assume/hope they will remain just as healthy in 2012. Or is that reasonable at this point?

After the jump, I've posted a highlight video I found over at Conquest Chronicles.

Nick Perry Highlights