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Patrick Willis Does Not Fear The Madden Curse...Patrick Willis IS The Madden Curse

The folks at EA Sports are into the second round of the Madden cover athlete tournament. Patrick Willis is representing the 49ers as a shockingly low 11 seed. He knocked off six seed Matt Forte in the first round by a comfortable 62%-38% margin. In winning his first round matchup, Bamm Bamm advanced to face three-seed Maurice Jones-Drew in round two. The voting lasts another few days, wrapping up on April 4.

There are some folks who are considered about the Madden cover jinx. But, as we have learned from our Patrick Willis facts, the all-world linebacker is no ordinary athlete. It's been a while since we rolled out the Patrick Willis facts, so if you are relatively new here, I've posted a few of my favorites after the jump. In the meantime, my own recommendation is to head over and vote for Willis in the tournament.

  • In the Madden ratings, Patrick Willis is actually a 198, the third digit just doesn't show up.
  • The Flintstones show ended because Patrick Willis wanted the nickname "Bamm-Bamm"
  • The NFL has renamed the "injury list" to "Hotel Willis"
  • Patrick Willis knows exactly where in the world Carmen San Diego is...because he dropped her ass for a 5 yard loss.
  • One time Patrick Willis played blindfolded. He still made 14 tackles, finding the ball carrier by using the Force.
  • Patrick Willis can see instant replays before the play happens
  • Patrick Willis missing a tackle actually coincides with Halley's Comet; it happens every 75 years. Thus, it will happen approximately 3 more times in Willis' career.
  • According to Einstein's theory of relativity, Patrick Willis can actually tackle you yesterday.
  • Willis once tackled Mount Everest. Everest was on IR for the rest of the season.
  • Patrick Willis once returned a fumble and an interception for a touchdown on the same play.
  • 'Icy-Hot' is too weak for Patrick Willis. After a workout, Patrick Willis rubs his muscles down with liquid-hot MAGMA.
  • Patrick Willis wears pads and a helmet because it is mandated by the league rules. Everyone else in the NFL wears pads and a helmet because of Patrick Willis.
  • Willis wasn't slowed by the rookie wall. Willis WAS the rookie wall