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Nike, New Era Debut 49ers Gear With Jerseys Still To Come

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For those that were not aware, today marked the official debut of the Nike and New Era NFL apparel licenses. The companies are taking their time releasing everything as they are starting with some general fan apparel and NFL Draft gear.

On Tuesday, Nike will unveil the jerseys. I don't believe there will be particularly significant changes for the changes. Keep an eye on @samuelylam and his blog as he follows uniform changes quite closely. Thankfully it doesn't seem like we'll be getting any crazy re-designs like we've seen Nike do with their experimental school, Oregon.

While we wait for jerseys, head over to the store and check out what's on sale. There are some pretty cool hoodies, among other things. The 49ers "Just Do It" shirts are interesting, although I probably would not buy it. The generic motto like that is not quite for me. Getting a "Who's Got It Better Than Us" t-shirt would probably be more my style. Anything jump out at you?