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2012 NFL Draft Profiles: Devon Still - DT - Penn State

Next in our draft profiles is a defnsive tackle from Penn State, Devon Still. I've been high on this young man for a while now as possibly the best 3-4 DE prospect in the draft. Recent pre-draft hype may have dropped his "stock" in that regard, but back when all we had was film...Still was the concensus pick for that honor.

Even at 6'5" 310lbs., he has the frame to get even bigger. He's a real penetrator, often finding his way into the backfield stopping the play before it starts. He's been knocked for his motor at times, so hopefully whichever coaching staff get's a hold of him can get him to play hard all the time.

Here's what National Football Post had to say about him:

When the pad level is down in the run game, the guy can anchor, shed and make plays off his frame. Is long armed, can gain inside leverage and use his power/quickness to rag doll blocks and disengage. Again, is doing a better job as a senior coming off the ball low and when he's motivated, keeps his pad level down and gets off the snap on time he can routinely threaten gaps or simply overwhelm on contact. Seems to be paying more attention to detail as a senior, as his ball awareness and snap recognition have both improved as well. Possesses the athleticism to get up and down the line defeating reach/slide down blocks, but again motor and passion both come into question with this guy.

Mr. Still has all the tools to be an absolute nightmare in the NFL as either a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE. I like him as a potential future replacement for Justin Smith, but I doubt he falls to the 30th pick. Even with the questions about his motivation at times, some team will take a chance on him early. If for some reason he falls, though, we'd be foolish not to seriously consider drafting him.

It might be hard to see at times on the video, but often times Still is in the bottom of the pile making the play and you just can't tell until after the play is over and he comes out.