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NFL Draft History: Players Drafted At No. 61 (49ers 2nd Round Pick)

Previously, I took a short look at some of the recent players drafted with the No. 30 overall pick in the draft. The list was less-than inspiring, with plenty of reasons to be wary of picking where the 49ers are set to pick, but then again, it was a less-than scientific approach, on top of that. Well, we're going to eschew the scientific approach once again and take a look at some of the players drafted No. 61 overall, which is where the 49ers will be picking in the second round.

They were actually set to have the No. 62 overall pick, but with the Saints having to forfeit their pick on account of them being enormous tools, the 49ers got bumped up, which is great. So we're going to take a look at pick No. 61 starting after the jump.

Unfortunately, it's another group of "less-than inspiring" players (yes, that's the third time I've used "less-than" in this article), to put it nicely. For some reason, No. 30 and No. 61 just aren't hot spots to pick - but then again, we've got Trent Baalke, which means something, even if I'm not quite sure what just yet. Make the jump for a look at some of the players taken.

2011: It's hard to judge, but the San Diego Chargers took Jonas Mouton, which nobody say coming as he was on nobody's radar at the time. But then again, I think San Diego is a terrible drafting team so I'm just going to assume he's not going to pan out.

2010: Remember Vladimir Ducasse? He was a potential target of the 49ers for awhile there, but he ended up going to the Jets (after the 49ers took care of their needs with Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, both in the first round). Ducasse was drafted as a guard, despite being touted as a tackle prospect by everyone, and has only started a single game for the Jets at this point. They released Alan Faneca after drafting Ducasse, and it hasn't necessarily worked out. It is worth noting that New York generally has a strong line, though.

2009: While it's true that Sean Smith has been pretty severely overrated by Miami Dolphins fans, I think he's a solid corner with a lot of upside. I think this was a good selection at No. 61, and believe he's got a bright future ahead of him. 2010 was a down year for him, but he bounced back as the starter in 2011. It doesn't help his case that he and Vontae Davis think they're the best cornerback pairing in the NFL, though.

2008: This pick is pertinent to the 49ers since everyone seems to think they'll target a tight end, even going beyond the Jim Harbaugh connection (which is the biggest reason I'd link Cody Coby Fleener, really - if not for Harbaugh, I wouldn't consider it a possibility). Martellus Bennet went to the Dallas Cowboys, where a lot of people thought he might end up being pretty darn good. Well, that didn't happen. He had some sub-par seasons and hasn';t caught a touchdown for three seasons. He caught 17 passes last year.

2007: Detroit drafted Gerald Alexander. I know what you're thinking: who? Yeah, he's not very good. He played one season for the Lions before they decided he wasn't good enough for their absolutely horrid secondary, and replaced him. He has since played for the Jaguars, Panthers, Dolphins and Jets.

2006: Possibly the best player so far ... Tony Scheffler. Now, you might be struck by the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew went one pick before this, but let's focus on Tony. He's an unremarkable tight end who can make some big plays happen once everybody forgets that he's able to do so. I actually like him a lot and wanted the 49ers to make a run at him at one point. I think he's in Detroit now. Has he played up to the late-second round billing? Probably.

2005: Holy Christ, the San Diego Chargers actually drafted somebody good! Vincent Jackson was the pick at No. 61 and not much else needs to be said - he's a great receiver, in every sense of the word. He's an explosive target, he's physical, he's hard-working, he's got it all. San Francisco would be elated to get somebody even remotely comparable. San Francisco probbaly got the better player three picks later though, when they drafted Frank Gore.

2004: Tight end Kris Wilson was the pick, by the Kansas City Chiefs who were looking to supplement Tony Gonzalez. Yeah, that didn't work, as Wilson is now barely hanging onto his career by the fact that the Baltimore Ravens have terrible tight ends.

2003: This is where mediocre tight ends get drafted, apparently. L.J. Smith was taken here and actually stuck for a few years in Philadelphia, before signing up with Wilson to the Baltimore TE Outreach Program in 2009, where he failed to make the roster. Still, he had a couple decent seasons. Almost had 20 career TDs, too.

2002: Oh yeah, the Bills actually picked late at one point. Hah. They drafted defensive end Ryan Denney, who has had a decent career as a backup with them. He stuck with the team until 2009, and piled on about 20 sacks and generally was what you wanted in a backup. On top of that, he caught two touchdown passes on fake field goal attempts. Seems like a Harbaugh guy, sure, but not good enough to get a spot on this defensive line.

2001: Hey, we've got another Pro Bowler! Shaun Rogers was drafted by the Detroit Lions, but he's had one of those weird careers where he'll decide to play great one year and then not do anything the next. I certainly wouldn't want him on my team now and I wouldn't five to ten years ago, either.

2000: Lastly, we come to Bobbie Williams, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. He's a right guard (was a tackle in college) and didn't play any of his rookie season. Since then, he's started about every game for the last 10 years and has been pretty darn good. I would love the 49ers to draft a Bobbie Williams.