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Golden Nuggets: Draft, Draft, Draft...'Ninerdamus' Says: Weapons for Alex Smith

Hello everyone, Aaron back once again with another edition of the Golden Nuggets. That was good news yesterday for James, Tre9er and Dylan DeSimone. Everyone give them a nice round of applause. Now I've been promoted to Ninjaaron. And everyone's a winner.

Hey, speaking of Dylan, here's his first at Bay Area SB Nation. It gives the run down on our RB situation and why it's primed for success. Plus, in case you haven't heard, the monicker 'shake, rattle and roll' has been bestowed upon our beastly backs. I like it, and I used an alliteration. | Shake, rattle and roll, the three-headed monster. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Lot's of mocks and draft needs and the like going around right now. I think this one sums it up best...

Bay Area Sports Guy tries to make sense of the mess of mocks that we've got littered about the 'interweb'. Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill are the chart-toppers. He passes on the comments of the mock drafts that have us taking either of these two. Nice consolidation of the tons of info to be found out there. | BASG summarizes the mock world. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

CS Fullerton's Andre Hardy is scheduled to visit Santa Clara on Friday. And no, he's not going to Great America (or whatever they're calling it these days...give me a break, I live in Australia). He hasn't played football since high school, but he looks like a football player, so... | CS Fullerton's Hardy to visit. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Shantae Spencer holds no grudges, or so he claims. I always liked Spencer, and this shows he's a classy dude, who didn't want too move to far. He's given an interview about his time with the Niners and just loves playing football. | Spencer has no hard feelings. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Samuel Lam gives his view on the current state of our WR position as well as detailing who we might want to draft to upgrade it. Can we get Michael Floyd, the Notre Dame wideout who's scheduled to visit soon, or should we be prepared to take who's available at #30? Find out. | WR in the draft. (Lam)

Mike Sando gives a report on all the NFC West teams and their WR needs. He also details the recent history of success and failure by WRs selected in the first half of the first round. Included is an embedded video detailing this draft class' possible first round WR selections. Good link. | NFC West, WRs and the draft. (Sando)

More WR news, this time from Matt Barrows. Michael Floyd is scheduled to visit and Rueben Randle already has and Barrows gives his thoughts on which WRs will be available. As an added bonus, this has a video embedded with Randle highlights, to help you get acquainted with him. | Wideout watch: Floyd and Randle. (SacBee)

Sando takes a long, hard look at Coby Fleener and comes complete with charts. He notes that all the NFC West teams could use another weapon in the passing game. He also lists where Fleener is slotted to go in the some of the various mock drafts. | Sando on Fleener. (Sando)

A nice story about how Bill Walsh was rumored to take over the head coaching duties in 2003 following Steve Mariucci's departure. It compares the situation then, with Bill Parcell's and the Saints today. Included are some old articles that Inman had written at the time. | Cam Inman compares Bill Walsh and Bill Parcells. (Mercury News)

Grant Cohn passes on Greg Cosell's recent tweets about this years crop of WR and Coby Fleener. | Cosell on the drafts WRs. (Press Democrat)

Pro Football Talk's latest mock draft has us taking Wisonsin's Peter Konz to fill our RG need. What?!? No Fleener! Note that Fleener was taken by #30 and we pass on Hill. | Updated mock draft. (NBC Sports)

Another list of positions we need help at going into the draft, this one from Yahoo! Sports. WR, OL, CB, DL, LB. Sorry to spoil. | Positions of need before the draft. (Yahoo!)

49 in 49: Ryan Tannehill. gives us an in-depth look at a player we are expected to have no chance at getting. A nice look, none-the-less. And I'd take him, by the way. | 49 in 49: Ryan Tannehill. (

A nice recap of the week that's just passed, as it pertains to the 49ers. Brett Swain stays, Reggie Smith goes, and Brandon Jacobs gives an interview. | The week in review. (CSN Bay Area)

NBC Bay Area paraphrases Brandon Jacobs interview from last week and gives a bit of a back story and some tidbits from last season. | Jacobs interview recap. (NBC Bay Area)

And finally, for you Giants and Niners fans, Gwen Knapp writes that Barry Zito can pull an 'Alex Smith'. It goes over their careers and gives the odds both face(d) as reclamation projects. Zito had previously won a Cy Young, though. | Zito as Alex Smith. (SFGate)

And again folks....go on over to Bay Area SB Nation and give the boys a round of applause, a round of beers, or a rec on their some love, for god's sake! They entertain you!

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