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Maiocco: Alex Boone Likely To Get Chance To Compete At Guard

After a quiet couple of weeks for the 49ers, Matt Maiocco has put together an interesting post over at CSN Bay Area. Maiocco is reporting that sources have said 49ers backup tackle Alex Boone is expected to get a chance to compete for a starting job at guard this offseason. The 49ers current depth chart has Daniel Kilgore slotted in at right guard with Mike Person backing up both Kilgore and Mike Iupati. The 49ers also have Garrett Chisholm to compete at training camp.

Discussion here about converting a tackle to guard has centered around right tackle Anthony Davis. I don't recall any of us mentioning Alex Boone. The former Ohio State offensive lineman is a monster of a man, standing 6'8. Can he make that conversion over to guard? Is this a potential indication the 49ers might be less inclined to look at a guard high in the draft?

LeCharles Bentley weighed in on the topic in MM's post. He views Boone as a "very good tackle in the making" and had a particularly interesting comment about the 49ers offensive line scheme:

"Honestly, in their scheme, guards are a dime a dozen," Bentley said. "A good young offensive tackle is such a premium. It would be a waste of ability. . . . But if he's one of the five best, yeah, get him on the field."

The team's workouts start next Monday, so it will be interesting to see how much work Boone gets at guard through that first week and a half before the NFL Draft.