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Call for Vernon Davis Questions

I won't be interviewing Vernon Davis, but rather, I've come across a chance to pass along some questions for a Q&A with Vernon Davis. I have a few questions in mind, but would love to pass along questions some of you might have for the 49ers bad-ass tight end.

My primary question revolves around his comments late in the season about finally starting to really get in a groove with the playbook. We saw him absolutely blow up the Saints and Giants and I am curious to see how he sees the offense developing, particularly as it relates to him. I'll have to figure out an easier way of wording it, but you get the point.

I'll probably pass along some questions related to his art work because I continue to find that part of his life incredibly fascinating. I believe E:60 is working on a feature about Davis' art work, so there will be plenty more on that. The interview will likely involve his brother Vontae as well, so that could be a subject for questions.

Fire away with your questions and I'll pass along what I can.