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49ers Salary Cap Update: Brandon Jacobs Contract

Late last month I put together a rundown of Mario Manningham's two year contract, breaking down the salary cap impact of each year of the deal. Matt Maiocco provided the details of the one year deal Brandon Jacobs signed.

Signing Bonus: $150,000

Base Salary: $950,000
Roster Bonus (most likely game-by-game totaling, per MM): $475,000

Total Potential Cap Hit: $1,575,000

There is nothing too complicated about the deal as at its maximum it leaves the 49ers with approximately $4.1 million in cap space, according to MM. The base salary and roster bonuses are not guaranteed.

The 49ers are likely a little bit restricted in their draft plans at the running back position, but if the right guy fell to them and they wanted to consider some long term options, I would imagine they would be willing to eat that $150,000 signing bonus. Scouts Inc's Matt Williamson labeled this move the 49ers worst. I suppose potential worst moves are fairly limited, but even still, I view this is as a low risk move. I don't know how high the reward is, but I can live with the deal overall.

One quick side note on the 49ers salary cap situation. Niner Cap Hell does some great work in putting together a look at the salary cap, but over this coming summer I want to try and create our own reference page for the cap. I'm open to any suggestions for details you might like that you are not finding elsewhere. So feel free to comment, email or tweet me.