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Golden Nuggets: Madieu WIlliams Signs with Redskins, More Draft Notes

Hello everyone. Good morning to all. It's getting colder every day here in Australia, and I know what you're thinking...what? "Isn't it always hot in Australia?" And I'll tell you the same thing I tell all the Aussies who ask "What! Isn't it always hot in California?" The answer is yes, and that's why it's so hard when the cold comes in. We're too busy surfing and eating pizza, or in Australia's case, riding kangaroo's and hunting crocodiles. Then the winter arrives and we hide inside. I've got a friend from Denmark at my house right now, and try convincing him that 60 degrees is cold. Life truly is difficult.

Enough about me, what about the 49ers. Well, there are 100 mock drafts out there. A lot of people want to tell us what to do at the WR position. And, Vernon Davis is offering free time machines? No,'ll have to read it to believe it. I'll let you get to it.

49ers S Madieu Williams has signed with the Redskins. He started a few games but after that didn't see much action with us. It's not a great loss, but it does thin out the position a bit. Dashon Goldson is on a one-year contract after having the franchise tag slapped on him. So we need some depth and a future starter... Well, hello draft. | Samuel Lam says we should draft a safety. (Lam)

James Brady has some good analysis on our safety situation as well. The article is written before Madieu Williams had signed with the Redskins. James notes that our backups aren't really backup material. It's not good, people, it's just not good. We need backup safeties. | Safety position a concern. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Bay Area Sports Guy has some thoughts on the Seahawks. They're some pretty funny thoughts, as if we had any doubts that they would be. Scott McCloughan is trying to sign Aubrayo Franklin, by the way. | Seahawks talk to Franklin, continue living in 49ers shadow. (BASG)

Matt Barrows reveals who he has a draft crush on. It's Coby Fleener. Barrows admits said crush, then proceeds to tell us why we shouldn't draft him if he's available. He doesn't seem to care that not drafting Fleener will make a lot of draft nerds look real bad. | Barrows has draft crush on Fleener. (Barrows)

Now Fooch already did an entire post on the subject, but for you late birds out there, Alex Boone is expected to get a chance at RG, according to Matt Maiacco. So you can either read the Niners Nation version analyzing the situation, which I recommend, as Fooch is my boss, or you can read Maiacco's post breaking the news. Or do both! | Boone to compete at RG. (CSN Bay Area)

Mike Sando is joined by Scouts Inc's Matt Williamson. They discuss each of the NFC West teams offseason to date. They're happy with us overall, but question the Brandon Jacobs signing. Offensive line in the draft is their suggestion going forward. | Sando discusses the NFC West offseason to date. (Sando) has yet another list of needs for each team in the NFC heading into the draft. DE, OG, WR, in that order. Justin Smith's age and Ray McDonald's health influence the opinion of Chris Burke, the writer, who does a nice job with his 'Audibles' blog over there. You should be able to find the link to the AFC team needs if you want to really let your hair down. | NFC team needs heading into the draft. (

NBC Sports speculates on what the 49ers might be doing in the draft based on their prospect visits. Floyd, Randle, Hardy are all mentioned here. I guess our passing game was inadequate last year. Or, at least, that's what I'm getting from all these experts. (<====SARCASM) Either way, it's a good article. | WR visits spawn speculation. (NBC Sports)

An article rating the passing attacks that have undergone the most change this offseason. We're referred to as an experiment. Don't know if I like that, but... | Rating the revamped passing attacks. (Yahoo!)

Mike Sando at ESPN sizes up all the NFC West coaching staffs. He doesn't grade them, just sizes them up. It's interesting because you often fail to realize how large they are. | Sando on the NFC West coaching staffs. (Sando)

The 49ers are having their local pro day on Wednesday, April 18th. This gives a chance for local talent to show off their goods to the team. If I remember correctly, Bill Ring, our former special teams great from the glory years, was found this way...I could be wrong. I tried to 'google' it, but could only find instructions for an origami dollar bill ring holder. You've let me down, internet. | 49ers local pro day set. (CSN Bay Area)

Brandon Jacobs only gets $150k signing bonus, unless he makes the team. The deal already appeared to be low-risk, now it's low-riskier (huh?). Our boys in the front office have done it again. | Details on Jacobs deal. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Should the 49ers sue Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints? An article by Yahoo! Sports suggests that maybe we should. Everyone here in Australia jokes about how much we sue in the US, so, if we do, I can keep living the stereotype. | Should 49ers sue the Saints? (Yahoo!)

Sporting News' latest mock has us drafting DT Kendall Reyes. Yet another clueless mock that doesn't know it's already decided who will be drafted where. We get Cobphen Fleenhill with the #30 pick. | Sporting News mock draft. (Sporting News)

Here's a mock that has us taking a guy I honestly don't know much about: Amani Silatolu. They also have Griffin going #1 so I don't know how much we can trust them. | Another mock draft. (Yahoo!)

Peter Schrager at Fox Sports has a mock draft as well. He's pegged us as taking CB Stephon Gilmore out of South Carolina and claims that we would be lucky to get him. He should be lucky to get us! | Another nother mock draft. (Fox Sports)

Today's 49 in 49 is Robert Griffin III. I don't often get to write roman numerals so this is a treat. Maybe we can draft this guy, he looks pretty good. | 49 in 49: Robert Griffin III. (

Also from, a series of previews of our opponents in the upcoming season. First up: Buffalo Bills. We don't know when we play who yet, but we'll soon find out. My source (the next paragraph) thinks it's sooner than later. | Opponent preview: Buffalo Bills. (

Rumors abound as to when our schedule will be released. April 17th, according to NBC Sports. | Next years schedule to be released next week? (NBC Sports)

And, does anyone want Braylon Edwards. This article touts him as a potential bargain. We had that same bargain last year and cut him before the end of the season, despite having lack of depth at WR. I'll trust Harbaalke over this writer. | Will anyone roll the dice on Edwards? (

Now here's a weird one. Our very own James Brady caught an odd Twitter Gaffe by Vernon Davis. The post explains the inner-workings of twitter (a mystery to me) and also notes that Davis was apparently hocking free time machines. And that's not even the worst of it. | Davis flubs twitter post, offers time machines. (Bay Area SB Nation)

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