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Madden Cover Vote: Patrick Willis Advances To Semifinals, Faces Cam Newton

The Madden NFL 13 cover vote tournament continues and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis advanced to the semifinals with a 55%-45% victory over New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. Willis will now face Carolina Panthers QB and ikely number one overall seed Cam Newton. The winner of this matchup will face the winner of #1 Aaron Rodgers vs. #6 Calvin Johnson.

Whether you plan on voting for Willis or voting for Newton to fight "the curse", I would be rather surprised to see WIllis beat Newton. In fact, I would be surprised if anybody but Newton wins the whole thing. An explosive first season has Newton highly popular among fans, but more importantly is his own team fan base. There was some speculation a lot of Giants fans were voting for Patrick Willis. The Panthers have their hard core fans, but I don't know if they have enough fans to counteract the rest of the world voting for Cam.

Whether you are voting for Willis or Cam (I'm voting for Bamm Bamm who will crush the curse with impunity), head over and cast your vote between now and April 18. You can vote once a day, although I've heard if you close your browser and go back in (or clear the cookies), you might be able to vote multiple times per day.