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Delanie Walker Chats With Fans On

Earlier today, 49ers tight end Delanie Walker took part in a chat session on and received quite a few solid questions. The Q&A featured a broad range of questions and I was impressed with the knowledge of some of the big plays from last year. Everyone continues to love the WHAM play in which Walker did masterful work blocking Ndamukong Suh. There were more high profile plays in 2011, but those blocks were so much fun to watch. When you consider Suh's size and how well Walker handled him it was just quality stuff.

Walker was also asked about which teams he was most excited about playing. Naturally the Giants were at the top of the list. In the NFC West he is looking forward to the Cardinals, in part to see Adam Snyder. That will be an interesting one as we see the 49ers voracious defensive line get a crack at the questionable Cardinals line. The Cardinals line did some solid work in the run game, but struggled mightily in pass protection. The 49ers defense will be licking their lips for this matchup.