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2012 NFL Draft Profiles: Amini Silatolu - OG - Midwestern State

I wont lie, this is one of my favorite draft prospects this year. A small-school kid who dominated his competition, often tossing them around like rag-dolls...remind you of anyone?

It should remind you of the 49ers own Mike Iupati who, like Amini Silatolu, played for a small school yet was an absolute beast (who beasted and was beasting). Silatolu however was a left tackle at Midwestern State whereas Iupati played left guard at Idaho, his eventual position in the NFL as well.

Still, I think it gives Silatolu a nice advantage having faced edge rushers and moving his feet in pass protection on the left side. When I watch him play though, I see a guard playing tackle in terms of mindset. He's mean, nasty, likes to pancake one guy then run down the field and shove another. These are the things I loved about "Big Mike", too.

Most agree that Silatolu will in fact need to move inside to guard at the NFL level. I can only imagine having him opposite Iupati and the destruction that would befall anyone who tried to get in their collective way.

After the jump, some quick scouting notes.

Wes Bunting (NFP) says the following, but please check out the full scouting report here:

Is a dominant run blocker. Not only can he coil up into his stance and really snap through his hips into contact, extending his arms and gaining leverage, but he also loves to finish. Showcases a strong set of legs and can run through contact and routinely get a good push.

He's very impressive on the move. Showcases "plus" range for his size when asked to pull as a backside tackle, lead the power play and reach defenders in space. Plays with a nasty streak, loves to finish and his combination of range/athleticism and balance makes him dominant when trying to kick out defenders. Loves to block down field as well, routinely plays till the whistle and his range in space is very impressive, especially the way he covers ground and breaks down so quickly, dropping his pad level and/or cutting defenders in the process.

Silatolu will likely be drafted some time in the second round. It might take a trade-up to get him because of his upside, but I think he's an excellent prospect in the second tier of guards. The only thing that would make him better in my eyes would be if he had any experience at center for versatility.

In the video, he's the left tackle, #57. Keep your eye on that spot of the line as the video isn't the best quality.