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49ers Local Pro Day Next Wednesday: Diamonds In The Rough?

Last year, one of the guys who "got away" from the 49ers was wide receiver Doug Baldwin. The former Stanford receiver was on the 49ers radar, but they let him slip through their fingers, which became one of the more regrettable decisions of Jim Harbaugh's first year in San Francisco.

Next week on April 18, the 49ers get their chance to check out some more local talent as they will host their annual Pro Day. NFL teams have a limited number of visits they can conduct with draft prospects, but they are also allowed to host a Pro Day for local prospects. Local means players who attended nearby colleges and also players who went to high school in the region.

Matt Maiocco put together a short list of players that could potentially attend the Pro Day. He included Andrew Luck, but I will be really curious to see if Luck makes an appearance in Santa Clara. I doubt we'll see him working out for the 49ers, but I would not be surprised if Coach Harbaugh picks his brain a bit about some of the other Stanford prospects. Coach Harbaugh is only a year removed from them, but there is plenty for him to learn about what happened this last season that could impact potential draft picks.

While guys like Marvin Jones and Coby Fleener have been on our radar, are there any under the radar prospects from the local schools that intrigue you? One reader, tigerking, put together a FanPost two months ago in which he broke down a variety of Cal prospects up and down draft boards. Feel free to peruse that as the local Pro Day approaches.