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Golden Nuggets: Anthony Davis at RG, 'Hard Knocks', Willis advances

Hello guys. This edition of the Nuggets is getting slapped together. You'll have the same amount of links, just less blabber in between. Who knows, maybe some of you guys will prefer it. We've also had a suggestion to have all the links at the bottom in an orderly fashion with all the jibber jabber at the top. Anyone?

Well, enjoy....and on to the links.

Dylan's got another story over at Bay Area SB Nation, this one in regards to the upcoming draft. Trade up is his advice. Follow the link to find out who. | 49ers should trade up. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Anthony Davis is a better fit at RG than Alex Boone. Davis may be better suited for guard, and Alex Boone a tackle. | Davis at guard? (Bay Area SB Nation)

Patrick Willis is getting closer to the cover of Madden NFL 13. Who is seriously scared out there? Curses? | Willis advances to Madden semi-final. (Barrows)

The 49ers are being considered for HBO's 'Hard Knocks'. Apparently Rex Ryan has said 'no' and the Niners are in the discussion. Don't think Jim Harbaugh would like that. Who knows? | 49ers on 'Hard Knocks'. (Fox Sports)

Matt Maiocco explains exactly why the 49ers are not going to grant the access to do the 'Hard Knock'. | Unlikely that 49ers will be on 'Hard Knocks'. (CSN Bay Area)

Brandon Jacobs is everywhere lately. He gave an interview with KNBR. Here are some of the highlights. | Jacobs on KNBR. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Don Banks' latest mock has us taking Coby Fleener. No big surprise, we're just drafting who we're told. |'s latest mock. (

Matt Maiocco says the 49ers don't need to draft for need. They can instead draft for depth. | Draft for depth. (CSN Bay Area)

Mike Sando sifts through the mock drafts and gives us the goods on the NFC West. | Sorting through mock drafts. (Sando)

49 in 49: Justin Blackmon. (

A history of the #30 pick shows the 49ers could get some value. |#30 has value. (NBC Bay Area)

5 players the 49ers should target in the 1st round. The usual assortment of characters with one surprise. | Who the 49ers should target. (Yahoo! Sports)

Can the 49ers win it all with Alex Smith? (Fox Sports)

Short and sweet. What do you think?

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