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49ers Secondary: What Does It Mean for the 2012 NFL Draft?

Over the last couple months there has been a bit of chatter about adding a cornerback with the 49ers first round pick. It hasn't been up there with the offensive line, wide receiver or Coby Fleener discussion, but it has been out there. Even the most recent FanPost mock included Stephen Gilmore with the No. 30 pick.

The 49ers have secondary concerns, but following the 49ers decision to re-sign Carlos Rogers and add in Perrish Cox, I find myself wondering if we'll see a cornerback before day three of the draft. While the 49ers do talk about creating competition, the guys they have added to compete at other positions are not exactly top of the line guys that would infer a high pick on a position like cornerback. Looking at Josh Johnson and Brandon Jacobs, specifically, and you see guys who will provide some measure of competition, but are not exactly huge threats to take starting jobs.

Where the 49ers would appear to find themselves in need of significant depth help is at safety. C.J. Spillman is the primary backup, with Mark LeGree competing for one of the last roster spots. Given Spillman's work on special teams, it seems like the team needs a significant addition as the primary safety off the bench.

Whatever happens with Dashon Goldson between signing his franchise tender or working out a long-term deal, the 49ers need some depth at safety. There isn't much first round talent at the safety position, but day two of the draft could lead to a safety. On Twitter, grantmp made an interesting comment about how he thought the team could draft a corner they convert to safety. That did not work out so well with Mike Rumph, but ideally this front office and coaching staff might have a better idea of how to handle that kind of move.

Heading into the draft in two weeks, I think wide receiver or interior offensive lineman is the play in the first round. As the team heads into day two, I think the non-pick of the above two and then potentially a safety makes a lot of sense. Trades and potential falling players throws out all preconceived notions, but for now, that's where I can see this thing going.