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Golden Nuggets: Two Weeks Out From The Draft? Really?

Morning, children! Big ups to Aaron for covering the Nuggets so well (and big ups to Fooch for getting them yesterday, and once more, big ups to Aaron for panicking when he didn't see Fooch's article, and throwing one together himself, doubling up on them) while I've been busy with SB Nation Bay Area. That being said, I'm back for a day before Aaron grabs the next couple over the weekend.

In regards to the 49ers, we've got lots of mock draft talk, though for some reason, it seems like there's less than in previous years. We're two weeks out from the draft and I don't see nearly as much buzz, but that's probably because No. 30 is a little less exciting than No. 7, no? Anyway, onto the links, though I had to be quick with some of them.

Over at SB Nation Bay Area, our own Tre9er had his first post - a feature on the 49ers' draft with a rousing speech at the end. I agree with every single thing he said, and look forward to getting the best player available at No. 30. | Tale Of Two Drafts: The 49ers Then And Now (Tre9er)

In other draft related news, Todd McShay released his Mock Draft 5.0 and had the 49ers taking someone other than Coby Fleener or Stephen Hill - and I actually agree with his pick. I have a lot more to say on the matter, so I'll turn it into a full post, but suffice to say I think the BPA strategy is best embraced with a hint of bias toward either the offensive or defensive line. | San Francisco 49ers Select Kendall Reyes, According To Todd McShay (SB Nation Bay Area)

This will only lead to him being mocked to the 49ers more and more, but Stephen Hill is set to visit the 49ers this weekend. Personally, I don't see the value for him at No. 30, but then again, if the 49ers were ever in a position to go after a guy like Hill, it'd be right now. He could be eased into a role on the field while he learns how to run some actual routes. | Georgia Tech WR Hill due to visit 49ers (Barrows)

I mean ... is anybody at all surprised that the Seahawks (read as: Scot McCloughan) are interested in yet another ex-49er? Nope. Nobody is. | The magnetic Scot McCloughan (Seahawks talking to Aubrayo Franklin) (BA Sports Guy)

While I agree that Fleener may go far before No. 30, I think it's absolutely silly to believe that the 49ers would give up a second and a fourth-round pick to move up to No. 17 and draft him. The 49ers are just not in a position to be trading up with how complete their team is right now. They should be drafting the future stars that they build up, not limiting their depth by losing some picks. Totally disagree with this mock. | Mock draft 2.0 -- 49ers trade up to No. 17 (Cohn)

I don't quite agree with Maiocco's best and worst 49ers draft picks. I do like that he included Eric Heitmann, but I think Kwame Harris should be in there above Taylor Mays by a good margin. We always knew what we were getting with Taylor Mays. | Best and worst of 49ers draft picks since 2000 (Maiocco)

The greatest third-round pick of all time is, without question, Joe Montana. There's no comparison. He's the best QB to ever play the game and one of the top four best players in NFL history. | Who's the best third-round pick in NFL history? (

It was pretty obvious from the start that Jim Harbaugh wasn't hearing any of HBO's jive. Hard Knocks for the 49ers would be a huge mistake. Done and done. | HBO Passes on 49ers for Hard Knocks: Report (NBC Bay Area)

It's not specifically related to the 49ers, but I am pretty bummed about what happened with Ralph Barbieri of KNBR. I wasn't the biggest fan of his, but he was a constant and it's odd to be without him - and it sucks that it was all over so suddenly in, what, seven minutes? Blah. | Ralph Barbieri Releases Statement Regarding KNBR Firing (SB Nation Bay Area)

Amini Silatolu ... I would be more than alright with the 49ers drafting him at No. 30, especially since there's a good chance he could be BPA at that point. | Mr. Popular: 49ers one of many teams interested in G Silatolu (Barrows)

Offseason Signings Should Help 49ers Special Teams Stay Special (NBC Bay Area)

Davis a better fit at guard than Boone (Barrows)

No reason for 49ers to draft for need (Maiocco)

John Gruden Conference Call(

49ers' interior O-line options at No. 30 (Maiocco

Delanie Walker on KNBR (

49 in 49: WR Justin Blackmon (

The Art Of Coaching (

49ers Have Gone Quiet In Free Agency (CBS Sports)

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