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Golden Nuggets: Can Kyle Williams make the Roster? Mocks shift to OL.

Hello everyone. I'm back on the scene, crispy and clean. (Anyone know where that's from?) Back on the Nuggets. Kudos to whoever caught us out with the double Nuggets the other day. I'd like to say that it was a special, limited edition Nuggets, but, alas, I messed up. I posted the 2nd one and Fooch took his down when he realized what happened. This is a valuable lesson to any children or impressionable adults out there. If there's anything you want and someone else has is, or is doing it, just push them out of the way and seize the day. Carpe Nuggem, as Caesar said.

There's a lot of lessons in today's Nuggets. For example: if you want to write the Nuggets, don't do it while watching Australian Rules Football and skyping your friend or else sentences such as the following come out. "There a fan-biased re-draft". OK, biased was missed by spell check, but almost makes sense...but not having the article? Come on! Caveman Nuggets...hmmm, one day.

On to link time learn lessoning.

May be hard for Kyle Williams to make the roster. That's what they're saying here. Then they go on to tell you how mentally sound he is and that he has good chemistry with Alex Smith. If we draft a WR, it'd make it that much harder. I want to see him succeed and think he can be a good receiver, but I will 'mess my britches', as my dad would say, if he ever goes back to return another punt. | Can Kyle Williams make the roster? (ProFootballWeekly)

Well, a lot of us want a pass catcher at #30. Why? Do we not think Michael Crabtree is a viable #1? Randy Moss doesn't have anything left? Adding some depth? Stockpiling weapons for a future cold war? Maybe all of the above. For those like-minded individuals, Matt Maiocco has a summary of the options that should be available to us. | Pass-catching options at #30. (CSN Bay Area)

There's a fan-based re-draft of the first couple rounds of the 2009 draft as well as a summary of the 2009 season and ensuing offseason and 2010 draft. There's a gem of a quote in there in regards to the firing of Scot McCloughlan. 'The more Jed tries to act like his uncle, the more he looks like his father.' I remember it being a bit bewildering at the time but in hindsight, it's turned out amazing. | 2010 draft re-do and 200 summary. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Dylan DeSimone has got an article about the best 49ers draft picks since the year 2000. But, you can't have the good without the bad. So we've got the worst picks during the same timeframe. There's some shockers in there. Let's just say that Taylor Mays features in this story, and the one above. | Best picks since 2000. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Here's another version of a familiar theme at this time of the year. A collection of what the different mocks think we'll do in the draft. This adds some analysis, noting that in recent days, more mocks have us taking interior linemen. I wonder if the mock drafts are this fun in the Colts world? Luck, Griffin, Luck, Griffin...hmmm...or worse, Redskins world. Sit for two weeks and wait to see what the Colts do! | Mocks shift towards inside linemen. (NBC Bay Area)

And here's a good piece from CSN Bay Area, via their Philly branch. It's actually links to their articles about the top-five players at each position. Today's version deals with the offensive side of the ball. Doesn't say when the defensive side of the ball will get dealt with, nor when the 1000 word article about special teams prospects is coming out. We're waiting. | Top 5 prospects per position on offence. (CSN Bay Area)

Sando strikes again. This time with a number about the odds of duplicating last years record for teams that have won 13 or more games since 2004. The scary thing is, nobody equaled their record or went farther in the playoffs the next year. Fooch has a post up regarding this article, but I figured I should add the link in here as well. | Can 49ers equal last years record? (Sando)

This is another post from Sando's blog that deals with the same topic as above. I'm including this because it's got a strength of schedule for each teams 2012 schedule. Someone may ask, how do the 49ers have an easier schedule than the Rams? That's impossible...we play a first place schedule, they play a last place schedule. Well, we play a 2-14 team twice this year and they play a 13-3 team twice....that's how. Moral of the story: Stats lie. Bad stats, BAD! | Strength of schedule for 2012. (Sando)

49ers emulating Saints running game? The Saints! 'We hate the Saints'. Now before you kill me, remember I am just the messenger. Kill Kevin Lynch at SFGate. this post, see he has used intelligence, a bit of wit and a compelling argument and voila! Ces't tout. Something to do with Jonathan Goodwin and big guards and stock-piling RBs. Don't know how to say that in French. | 49ers following Saints blueprint in the running game. (SFGate)

And in less controversial news, SFGate also seems to think the schedule for next year will be released. Or at least they believe what ESPN says, which is what this post is about...trusting ESPN. | Schedule to be released on Tuesday. (SFGate)

And here is a list of prospects and their interactions with the 49ers. Wether it be a visit, interview or private work-out, Maiacco's got it in there and he updates this bad boy. | Pre-draft visit tracker. (CSN Bay Area)

Today's 49 in 49 item up for bid: Iowa State CB Leonard Johnson. He played well against Justin Blackmon in a win and Mohamed Sanu in the Pinstripe Bowl. And really, when best to judge college talent? Why, when they're playing against pro-calibur talent. | 49 in 49: Leonard Johnson. (

BREAKING NEWS! New Santa.............Clara Stadium. Got you, didn't eye. Gullible. The old Santa is fine and everyone knows that. Here's a look at the new Santa groundbreaking from complete with quotes from people who's names you would never otherwise hear of. It's got a link to the stadiums official website. Maybe they can get a webcam with some real-time action. | Behind the scenes at stadium groundbreaking. (

Here's audio from a Delanie Walker interview on KNBR. Not about football, about the search for missing team teen Sierra LeMar. I don't care if we draft Coby Fleener, Delanie Walker will always be class. | Delanie Walker on KNBR. (

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