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Golden Nuggets: 49ers to Bid on Super Bowl L, What to Expect from Randy Moss

Call 911. I repeat, call 911!

"911, do you have an emergency?"

"Yes, I'd like to file a missing persons report."

Who is missing? How about every single sports writer in the 49ers realm. I don't blame them. This is their last good rest before a week and a half of hell. As for me, I'm sitting inside, wishing I was outside in the beautiful autumn sun. I'm like a child on a rainy day, staring out the window. The birds look as confused as I do. I guess all the sports writers are out enjoying the weather... Oh, wait, I'm not in the Bay Area.

And that's what we're left with on a very, very slow news day...talking about the weather. How is it there?

Excellent article today from BASG. It's about Randy Moss and 'older' receivers and their production and comes with free charts for the first 10,000 viewers. Many receivers have had good to great years at his age, but were they coming off of a two year stretch where they were cut by multiple teams, then sat out a year. Me thinks not. What to expect from Randy...I think he'll give us an added element in the red zone that we've been missing and teams will have to account for him down there. Decoy? Savior? | Randy Moss and older receivers. (BASG)

The rumor has been floating around for a bit, but Matt Barrows has decided to put it in official article form. The 49ers will plan to bid for Super Bowl L. It's generally what happens when you build a billion dollar stadium in the League, so it's no surprise. Last time we had a Super Bowl in the Bay was the Stanford one in '85, which we, of course, won. | Santa Clara to bid on Super Bowl L. (Barrows)

Ninjames has an article. That's right, we don't have him frozen in carbon, like Han Solo, only to thaw him out to do the occasional Nuggets. He writes other articles, too. This one is about why we should draft someone for the D-Line. He makes a darn good argument. We do need some depth and we need someone who will eventually take over for Justin Smith. | Why we should draft a DL. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Now here's a video on a prospect the 49ers might actually draft. Baylor WR Kendall Wright looks good and if he's around at #30...It's a big 'if', but...As they say, "If ifs and buts were grains and nuts we'd all have a bowl of granola." | 49 in 49: Kendall Wright. (

Hmm...this is awkward. So what do we do now? I feel like I have a lot more to write, and you probably feel like you have a lot more to read. How about a topic for discussion? What about Randy Moss? What can we expect from him? What if he turns into Chris 'he only catches touchdowns' Carter? That wouldn't be too bad, now would it? Anyone else?

Being a Sheep

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