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Golden Nuggets: Jed York on New Stadium, NFLPA and Gregg Williams' Audio

Happy Monday. At least from my standpoint, in Australia, the day is almost over and Tuesday will be upon us in no time. You poor saps will be languishing in Monday-ville and I'll be...well, I'll be darned. Tuesday isn't much better, is it? That's OK.

What's not OK is another slow news day. See, I rush home from work and jump on the interweb, only to find that no news has happened. I sent out the distress call on yesterday's Nuggets and it appears that nobody got the message. So, we'll see if we can generate some interest with another question. I'll drop it at the bottom once I review everything and see what's on.

Here's another bit of info in the story that won't go away. Turns out the NFLPA already had the audio of Gregg Williams' speech before it went public. It may be used as a defense for the players who may face suspension. The idea being that if you hear the speech, then watch the game, the players did not follow WIlliams' directions and go for the mentioned injured parts. Scott Fujita apparently turned it over to the union. Hmmm... | Players union has had audio of Williams speech. (

Here's a good interview with Jed York. He gives his vision for the new stadium, why it's being planned the way it is and why it's in Santa Clara. Mercury News gets the scoop here because, well, they're the home town paper of the future. | Jed York on the Santa Clara stadium. (Mercury News)

Here's a mock draft for you. OG Kevin Zeitler out of Wisconsin is the pick for us. And we get the longest write-up in the entire mock. Why? Well, when you have us taking someone other than Stephen Hill or Coby Fleener, as a mocker, you've got some splainin to do. | Mock draft with Zeitler as our pick. (

The offseason conditioning program has begun. A lot of the younger players are around trying to make an impression. Just ask Colin Kaepernick. The article also details the phases that the conditioning program goes through. | Offseason conditioning program begins. (Mercury News)

SFGate has two identical articles up on Scott Tolzien. I'll give you the one with the better pics of the guy. "There's always going to be competition," he says. And he's right. He'll be locked in a fight for his roster spot this summer and I have a hunch he'll have to really outplay Josh Johnson to get past him. Harbaugh, of course, coached Johnson in college and knows what he's capable of...Tolzien has to prove what he's capable of. | Tolzien on competition. (SFGate)

49ers will leave a hole in the SF economy. That's very true, and the Recreation and Parks Department will feel it the most. The article does not mention that borrowing $850,000,000 to pay for a stadium also leaves a pretty big hole. But San Francisco had it's chances and now the teams moving. I'm sad and it's inconvenient for me personally (at least when I'm in the US) but better than having the LA 49ers or something atrocious. | 49ers will leave hole in SF economy. (SFGate)

Didn't add this one the other day when it came out because it was a busy one. But here is's Head Coach Power Rankings. Jim Harbaugh is #7. Hard to argue that he should be above any of the top 6, given he only has one year under his belt. But if we're talking futures... | Head Coach power rankings. (

Today's 49 in 49 is a legacy edition. Jeff Fuller, son of Jeff Fuller, ex-49ers safety who suffered a spinal injury in a 1989 game played at Stanford after the earthquake. He lost the use of an arm. His son is a WR who was a Biletnikoff finalist in his junior year before having a subpar senior season. | 49 in 49: Jeff Fuller. (

That's it for today people. The question for discussion is: what will the move to Santa Clara mean to you?

I grew up in Fairfield, CA and split time between there and Oakland when I come home. It's a little further but I won't have to cross the entire city. Don't know if it will make that much of a difference time wise. However, I can think of 100 reasons why I would be in San Francisco and can think of 0, make that 1, reason why I would go to Santa Clara. Not dissing by any means, it's just that the South Bay never really registers on my radar. So...what about you?

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