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2012 NFL Free Agency: Reviewing the Chicago Bears

I feel pretty bad for Jay Cutler a lot of the time. I think he is the type of guy with a lot of potential at the QB position. I mean, he ain't elite status - that's for sure. That said, he still has a ton of talent and, with adequate weapons, could be a potent force. Yes, even in the passing dominant NFC North.

So, yeah, I felt pretty bad for him last season. For some odd reason, I was sort of pulling for the Bears in my subconscious last season. It probably had to do with me disliking the Packers and Lions so much. Priority number one going forward, in my mind, should be drafting every o-line player coming out of college this year.

Last season, Cutler was just killed on numerous occasions. So far in Free Agency, the Bears haven't done much to alleviate this problem, instead focusing on other offensive weapons for Cutler to utilize. They franchised RB Matt Forte in what seems like a pretty smart move to me. The also leveraged a pretty big trade for WR Brandon Marshall to be the number one guy.

In the biggest signing of the year, however, the Bears signed Special Teams All-Star Blake Costanzo. And while the rational part of me is totally okay with letting him go as Special Teamers are just too replaceable, I'm going to miss the guy. He was super fun to watch.

On the defensive side of the ball, the biggest need for the Bears is probably at CB. They lost both Zack Bowman and Corey Graham in Free Agency. Getting another couple of guys to play CB will be necessary.

And while the presence of Julius Peppers on the team makes pass rush, pretty much by definition, a secondary concern, the Bears could use some d-line depth / pass rush depth in general.