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NFL Schedule Rumors: Could The 49ers Open 2012 At Lambeau Field?

Matt Barrows just sent out what I think qualifies as a fairly interesting tweet:

The NFL is reportedly going to release the 2012 NFL schedule tomorrow afternoon, and in the meantime we'll see a whole host of rumors circulating as to potential matchups. While it is safe to take any of these rumors with a significant grain of salt, Barrows gets a bit more benefit of the doubt on these kinds of rumors. His tweet references Chris Myers, who speculated a bit in his own tweet.

Given that the 49ers will not face the Giants in the season opener, this is a solid backup option. 49ers-Saints would have been a pretty sweet matchup, but I am curious whether or not the NFL is looking to downplay the Saints a bit, at least early in the season.

If the 49ers do open on the road at Green Bay, we'll get a chance to figure out where this team is right off the bat. Team hopes will change dramatically over the course of a season, so there is only so much to be said about a week one performance. Nonetheless, I like the idea of opening in what would be a high profile contest between two of the biggest favorites in the NFC.