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49ers New Stadium: 360° View

Later this week, the San Francisco 49ers will conduct the official ground-breaking ceremony to begin the official construction of their new Santa Clara stadium. In the meantime, the front page of has a new splash opening promoting the new stadium. You can visit or you can sign up for the priority waiting list for season tickets in the new stadium.

What I found more interesting was the ability to check out a 360 degree view of what the new stadium will look like. I was able to embed it after the jump, so swing over to get a tour from the 50-yard line. It will not have the enclosed look of CenturyLink Field, but they're going for a more wide open space feel to it.

Speaking of the new stadium, earlier today, the San Jose Mercury News posted a fairly wide ranging stadium interview with Jed York. Head over to check out some thoughts York had on how the stadium will continue to evolve even after construction is complete.

360 degree tour of the stadium