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Golden Nuggets: Schedule Release! Oh Joy!

The release of the NFL schedule is set for 4:00 p.m. pacific today, and I can't wait. I'm sure all of you can't, either ... the schedule release for us is much different than for other sports, mostly because there's a limited amount of games to actually obsess over for the NFL. I never pay too much attention to the NHL or the MLB schedule, but when the NFL schedule comes out, I'm ready to analyze it way more than is probably necessary and count the short weeks and, of course, the miles.

At any rate, that's really all that's going on right now, outside of the various mock drafts, which have become tedious at this point. The only interesting ones are the ones with dissenting opinions, and the non-interesting ones have made said interesting ones unrealistic. Does that make sense? I feel like it does. Onto the links, of which there are few since all the beat writers are lazy jerks. Probably just going to gloss over what we've got today, chil'ren.

Defensive line defensive line defensive line. I sincerely believe the 49ers need to address the defensive line sooner rather than later. At any rate, Maiocco has his own opinion on those kinds of things. Oh yeah, a safety really should be had as well. | 49ers' defensive draft needs (Maiocco)

It's great that Larry Grant is coming back. I really wish the 49ers would have locked him up for three or four years. Why not have the two best inside linebackers in the league and potentially the best backup inside linebacker in the league locked up for a good amount of time? That being said, it's very possible that Grant just had lightning in a bottle. | LB Grant to sign one-year contract today (Barrows)

Hey guys, the 49ers got a primetime game! Oh, it's in the preseason. Against Peyton Manning and that team he plays for that only matters because Peyton Manning plays for them. | Manning, Broncos highlight 49ers exhibition schedule (Maiocco)

The voluntary workouts began today. All that really stuck out to me was the fact that Curtis Holcomb is now 100 percent healthy. I hope the guy can become a force on special teams. That'd rock. | 49ers' 'voluntary' offseason program begins (Maiocco)

Why Jarius Wright is better than Kendall Wright, and more (Cohn)

Bill Walsh's NFL draft philosophies: Six lessons from the master (

49 in 49: CB Janoris Jenkins (

49 in 49: Best of the Rest (

Being a Sheep

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