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Golden Nuggets: Schedule, schedule schedule.

Hello everyone and good morning. So the big news of the day was the schedule being released. I would assume that all of you would have had a quick glance at it (or a squizz, as they like to say here down under). So I don't need to break it down for you. Besides, there are 1,563,844 links below to writers who will. What do we think? We knew who we were going to play, but now we have the dates. Green Bay in Fall. That's good. What about the rest of it? I'll give you my take at the bottom of the page and then I'll expect some comments to happen. I never get enough comments and it enrages my mom.

Speaking of the family, I thought I should mention, even though it's completely inappropriate to do it here, that my brother is absolutely destroying the SWAC. He's a pitcher for Prairie View A&M, a reliever, and if you go by stats, the best in the conference. I'm so proud...smiling as I type this. Daniel Castillo, in case any of you are baseball scouts. That's my shameless plug, and on to the links.

Schedule's out. Rumors that had us opening at Green Bay turned out to be based in reality. It looks pretty rough, doesn't it. Where's the easy stretch? Usually it would be when we play the division foes, but I really feel like each team got better in the NFC West. Rams are still a work in progress, but they can't be worse. So I'll let Samuel Lam give it to you guys because we haven't heard much from him lately. | Schedule released for 2012. (Lam)

Matt Barrows gives an in-depth breakdown of the schedule, week by week. Highlights? Opening at Green Bay and five primetime games. Back on the big stage. I'm smiling already. | Barrows breaks down schedule. (Barrows)

For you serious Niners junkies, here is the replay of Matt Barrows' live fan chat that happened yesterday. He answers a cubic metric ton of questions about the schedule, the draft, and other things. | Barrows live chat replay. (Barrows)

Here is the 2nd part of the Jed York interview from Monday's edition of the Nuggets. He notes that this will be the first stadium built in California strictly for pro football. I never really though about that. | Part 2 of Jed York interview on new stadium. (Mercury News)

The Larry Grant and Brett Swain deals were made official yesterday. Grant's contract is worth $1.26 million. Swain's is not detailed. Here's the link. | Grant and Swain deals official. (Mercury News)

Here's Matt Maiocco's take on the schedule with a break down of each game. He notes how the opener, at Green Bay, will be labled a conference championship preview and how we are spared the winter at Lambeau. Last years opener at Green Bay with New Orleans visiting was also a preview...except...what...what happened? | Maiocco's thoughts on the schedule. (Maiocco)

Here's an article on the schedule with predicted outcomes for each game. He has us going 10-6. Start writing hate mail now, because I know how you all are. | Predictions for the schedule. (CSN Bay Area)

With Eli Manning scheduled (there's that word again) to host Saturday Night Live, CSN Bay Area decided to dredge up some old footage of our favorite, Joe Montana, doing the same. I completely forgot about that until 10 seconds ago! | Footage of Joe Montana on SNL. (CSN Bay Area)

These guys were busy yesterday! Here's Matt Maiocco's assessment of our offense and it's needs coming into the draft. Will we find the successor to Frank Gore as the feature back? What about RG? Serious questions need serious answers people. | Maiocco on 49ers offensive needs before draft. (CSN Bay Area)

Mike Sando breaks down the schedule...I should just copy and paste this sentence for the rest of the Nuggets. I'll be typing it in my dreams tonight...breaks down the schedule, breaks down the schedule...can't wait for breaks down the draft! | Sando on the 49ers schedule. (Sando)

Here's Sando chiming in with a few more notes on the schedule for the entire NFC West. One interesting point is that we play the Arizona Cardinals on a Monday night game. Their last two Monday night games, both against us. This makes three in a row. | Sando with further schedule thoughts. (Sando)

And here's some of Sando's musings on the entire schedule, league wide. Gosh, Mike, why don't you just write a book about the 2012 schedule! (Sarcasm, I like his work). I would like to point out that he has more thoughts on the schedule than I have on all topics combined during a typical day. | Sando on the schedule for the league. (Sando)

Eric Branch has some...wait for it....thoughts on the schedule. I want each and every one of you to read each and every writers thoughts on the schedule because I just had to and it's not fair. This one is actually pretty good with interesting facts and 'last meeting' info. | Branch on the schedule. (SFGate)

Here are 10 games that they can't wait to watch. We're in two of them. One is the game at New Orleans. I have a bad feeling about that game. I'm afraid that New Orleans will have a bad year, and we're going to be the team that they take out their frustration on, and not in a Gregg Williams a football way. | 10 games to watch. (National Football Post)

Here's's fancy schedule release. They've got good graphics! They've got the web address. This one's got official team helmets of the opponents and all-time records. | More notes on the schedule. (

Here's a player that some of us want. Michael Floyd, WR from Notre Dame. It's a video segment of the 49 in 49 series. He discusses his past troubles and they've got highlights. 100 receptions people! | 49 in 49: Michael Floyd. (

Of the possible Super Bowl preview games listed on're on there. There's 4 and our showdown with New England stands out as a possible end of year showdown. | Possible Super Bowl previews. (

Here's some Niners notes with some old news at the bottom. At the top, however are preparations for the draft, what the front office has been up to and some thoughts on prospect visits. | Preparations for the draft are underway. (

And that's it guys. Lots of thoughts on the schedule. What do I think?

Ninerdamus says, "11-5"

I think we lose 3 out of the division and I'll say 2 in the division, maybe one. It's gonna be harder this year, and everyone is going to be gunning for us. No more cake walks. No more walks in the park. No It's serious now! We're a favorite!

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