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NFL Mock Draft Database 2012: 49ers Pick Remains In Flux

Normally I roll out a post on our 49ers NFL mock draft database over the weekend, but I thought I'd wait a few extra days to get some more updated picks. If you have missed the posts in the past, each year I put together a mock draft database, which helps give us an idea of what folks around the Internet are saying about the 49ers draft pick possibilities.

This is a very unscientific process as I select 30 mocks from around the Internet. Some are from big name sites, others are a bit more random. The idea behind it is to simply get a better idea of possible picks, as opposed to consider an accurate projection of the pick.

In years past the 49ers have been up near the top ten, which makes projections a little more concise. Now that the 49ers are picking at the bottom of the first round, the potential combination of picks through the first 29 creates all sorts of havoc. That leaves us with 13 different players across the 30 mocks. Coby Fleener remains at the top in six mocks, but Kevin Zeitler and Kendall Reyes are both making late charges. Zeitler is in second place with five mock appearances. Reyes is tied with Stephen Hill in third place with four appearances.

One position that has disappeared from the mocks is outside linebacker. Heading into the offseason, much of the conventional wisdom had the 49ers letting Ahmad Brooks walk, moving Aldon Smith into the starting lineup and then adding another pass rushing threat to fill the 2011 Aldon Smith role behind Parys Haralson.

The team would appear likely to add an outside linebacker for depth purposes, but do the 49ers really go too early at outside linebacker given the three-some they are bringing back? They could find a guy to rotate in the nickel with Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith, but I just don't know where I see that happening. Would the team be comfortable with the three OLBs they currently have or do they feel an urgent need for more depth? It's a tough call at this point.