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2012 NFL Draft Profiles: David Wilson - RB - Virginia Tech

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Continuing the profiles of 2012 NFL Draft prospects, we take a look at David Wilson of Virginia Tech. Most of you know how I feel about addressing the RB position sooner-than-later in order to prevent having a rookie pass-protecting and/or carrying the ball in crucial situations. Let's bring in potential future starters now and let them learn behind one of the best in Frank Gore...before they're called into action.

Tangent aside, Wilson is my third ranked RB behind Trent Richardson and Doug Martin. He could possibly come off the board in the late first or early second round depending on how aggressive teams are. The drop-off in talent after Wilson is fairly significant in my mind.

Wilson ran inside and outside at VT. He's a shifty guy who can get to the edge, but he was also pretty successful between the tackles. He doesn't go down easily and has the quickness to press the hole before it closes. He also has great breakaway speed once he hits the open field.

He's got thick legs and a "bubble", built to withstand the punishment of running inside in the NFL. He likes to run hard, described as a "one-cut guy", and has the balance to bounce off tackles if defenders don't wrap him up. He's natural catching passes off his frame as well.

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Some tidbits from NFP's Wes Bunting. Click here for the full report.

Is an explosive athlete with natural quick-twitch ability when asked to press the hole. Showcases a "plus" burst on the toss sweep to the edge. Exhibits impressive balance and footwork running the corner and possesses the quickness to simply side step defenders at full speed and explode into the open field. Plays fast in space, drops his pad level well and keeps his knees bent when looking to make a defender miss. Looks like a 4.4 guy with top end acceleration.

Demonstrates a unique blend of quickness, burst and an overall aggressive/powerful running style and isn't afraid to lower his head into contact and slip/break tackles. Is a balanced runner into contact who can keep his feet if defenders don't wrap up.

Impression: He's a compact kid who runs stronger/harder than you would expect from a guy his size. Has a dynamic quality to his game both inside and in the open field, and looks capable of maturing into a very good NFL running back early on in the NFL.

Wilson is just the kind of guy to pair with Kendall Hunter. A guy who likes to make one-cut and run hard, put his head down and shoot through the hole. He's built to take carries inside and if he's still around in the mid-second round...I'd trade-up to get him. This team needs future starters, not loads of developmental draft picks. The roster just isn't big enough.